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Happiness comes from making other people happy. - Love Daisy

These comfortable, cheeky knickers sit just above the hip bone for a mid-rise fit.
Our fabric is digitally printed to save our planet.

Cotton: 83% Polyester 17% Spandex
Gusset: 100% Cotton

Daisy was abandoned on the streets of Bellflower at the age of 2 months and found by an animal control officer. The shelter had scheduled to euthanize her, but luckily, a volunteer from a A Home 4Ever Rescue pulled her out just in time and her forever home was found. Daisy's elbows, right shoulder, and back hips are dislocated. Her condition is congenital and has since learned to walk and run without the use of her wheelchair but is back on the wheels and prosthetic legs to avoid stress on her spine. Daisy is an inspiring girl with a lot of energy and spunk. Her mission is to spread the love and positive message of animals with special needs.

$4 of the purchase of these panties will be donated to Ghetto Rescue. GRFF was founded by a group of police, fire and civilian personnel dedicated to helping families in need in the greater Los Angeles area.

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We believe in caring for our environment and in the preservation of a clean ecosystem for all of its living beings. As a result, we make every effort to reduce our environmental footprint. We use digital and sublimation printing technologies to print our garments because they are the most environmentally friendly processes for creating printed fabric. Billions of gallons of water are used each year to dye fabric for the garment industry. With digital printing, our water waste is next to none. We strive to include fabrics made from recycled plastic bottles in each of our collections and we are constantly in search of new fabrics and technologies that are good for the earth and good for you.


The gusset of my pretty @naja undies says "My darling, you are beautiful in every way" for a little reminder, right there where I am my most womanly. Love love love that. Hurray for Lingerie!


I just bought panties from Naja and I love them. Their material is recycled. They are about empowerment and making those products available to YOU