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The Secret Life of Sparrows (a Naja collection)

Could it be, that even sparrows have secret lives? This collection is inspired by traditional tattoo motifs – sparrows which symbolize freedom, and roses which symbolize beauty. The delicate nature of our fabrics alludes to that of the flowers, and just like them, we adorn what is already radiant. It’s a feel-good design that reminds you who you can be.

Secret Life of Sparrows, Full-view, above

In this collection, we seek to redefine what it means to be a rebel through the unique view of femininity. In the design, there’s even a hint of a... sailor-esque attitude. With the inspiration that sparrows evoke, we invite you ‘fly’ with us on a journey to that place. The place where we all know we’ve been, but sometimes don’t dare to go. Put your big girl panties on, throw on a leather jacket, and join us for an adventure! Afterall, we are who we choose to be.  

Secret Life of Sparrows, full-view, backThe daring mesh sections on our panties provide a window to our curves. It’s the same curves that we carry all day, every day… the ones that deserve to be flattered with high quality fabrics. The cotton lining on the inside of each panty is printed with one of our unique trademark quotes, and the elastics adjust perfectly to the female body. Signature fits like our Hi-waisted Audrey—a new take on a classic style—and our sexy Mila Culotte rest on your curves without constricting or creating awkward overflow. For the right occasion, the Sparrow Jo Thong gives you the edge you want while keeping things classy. And our Isabel Bra, with elaborate designs in each cup, reflects that rebelliousness on the inside. Our bras are equipped with a double-lined polyester that keeps pesky back fat under control and allows you to breathe properly. It’s designed with you in mind – we worry about these things so you don’t have to.

Be free, be adventurous, but never stop being yourself. 
Every woman deserves to feel uniquely rebellious  – this is Naja’s way, and we create the feeling, with love, for you. Let’s break rules, and wear different skins! We can be delicate, certainly, but we are also strong. We’re women who enjoy a romantic outing as much as spreading our wings to accomplish our goals. We seek adventure to gain character, not only for ourselves, but for those that we plan to teach. We prepare ourselves with the knowledge that we will leave a legacy.

Because we love you,


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