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Cheeky Knickers (a Naja collection)

We dared to create a collection of panties for women who like to look good, but also like to be comfortable. And we didn’t stop there: we decided to incorporate a bit of what we love into each pair. Equipped with a pick-me-up quotes, cozy cotton, and styles to suit the wearer, Naja’s Cheeky Knickers provide the right amount of love and the versatility that we need for busy lifestyles. It’s form and function at its finest: meet our babes, the Cheeky Knickers. Because you’re busy conquering the world… you just want to feel comfortable while you’re at it. 

Naja's Cheeky Knickers, spread on a table

Our Cheeky Knickers feature screen-printed patterns and quirky images that we get excited to wear—they remind us that it’s okay to be playful, even while we’re staying focused. At the end of a long day, who wouldn’t want to look down and wistfully remember the koala or a sweet treat you’ve carried with you all along? That feeling that you get when kick off your heels: that’s what we’re going for. And each knicker has its own story…

Casanova chihuahua cheeky knickers, front
Casanova, a chihuahua named after one of the classic ladies’ men, is a perky one. There’s nothing like a small, loving dog in your lap—or, in this case, around your lap—to welcome you home after a long day.

Kyoto After Dark panties, front
Kyoto After Dark was inspired by (surprise...) travel to the historical city of Kyoto, Japan. Here we’ve tried to capture the stark, yet elegant style of traditional Japanese painting… so we could place it directly on your bum.

USA cheeky knickers, front
USA is a panty we released during the 2014 World Cup. While Naja is an enthusiastic international participant (as we demonstrate with our Underwear for Hope campaign), we felt the need to “bring it home” for the World Cup. Go USA!

… and the list goes on

The fit is playful (“bum-flaunting,” even), and fits like our signature cuts, Andi and Celine. Whether your day involves running from one meeting to the next, or just lounging around (you deserve a break sometimes!), these panties will quickly become new friends. The elastic waistband is mindful of our varied figures, so rather than constraining you, it allows for free movement. Let’s face it: thongs are cute. But you’ve got better things to do right now than adjust it. They make us feel sexy and sassy, but sometimes comfy (or even, cheeky) is preferred.

Here at Naja, we love our undies, but we also indulge in the cozy girl trend, which is why we created these Cheeksters.  Our Knickers will stay put and and help you take that deep breath when you feel the end of the day coming AND did we mention that they look great with any top?! Well they do! Pair them with whatever you want, and don’t forget to let us know how much you love them--you can find us on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter, or simply drop us a line to say hello!

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