Wonder Women of the Week: Marisa Eve Girawong

Name: Marisa Eve Girawong

Occupation: Base Camp Doctor

Super Power: Conquerer

In the wake of the devastating earthquake in Nepal that triggered an avalanche on Mt. Everest, we are honoring Marisa Eve Girawong, a base camp doctor that was killed during the tragic events.

A lover of adventure and the outdoors, Marisa was pursuing an advanced degree in Mountain Medicine at the University of Leicester. An avid rock climber, she had successfully reached the summits of Mount Washington and Mount Rainier and was following her dream of conquering Mt. Everest. Remembered for her ambitions, passions and sense of humor, Marisa passed away doing what she loved the most.

We give our deepest sympathies to Marisa’s family and to all of the families affected by this disaster.

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