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Wonder Women of the Week: Parisa Tabriz

Name: Parisa Tabriz

Life: 1983 - Present

Occupation: Head of Information Security Engineering

Super Power: Cyber Warrior Princess

31-year-old Polish-Iranian-American Parisa Tabriz is an anomaly in Silicon Valley. Not only is she a woman - a gender hugely under-represented in the tech industry - but she is a boss heading up a mostly male team of 30 experts in the US and Europe. Her job? Hacking Google.

Tabriz, a “white hat” hacker, cheekily calls herself Google’s “Security Princess”. As head of the company’s information security engineering team, it is her responsibility to keep the nearly billion users of Google Chrome safe by finding vulnerabilities in their system before malicious hackers do. While many might find this crucial role to be overwhelming, her secret to success is simple - never be intimidated.

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