Wonder Women of the Week: Mildred Apenyo

Name: Mildred Apenyo

Life: 1990 - Present

Occupation: Writer, Yogi, Entrepreneur 

Super Power: Body Image Defender

After a man told her he wouldn’t find her sexy anymore if she lifted weights, Mildred Apenyo decided she was tired of the harassment and discrimination she faced at predominately male gyms. So she decided to open her own.  

FitCliqueAfrica is Uganda’s first women-only gym and offers a range of classes with a focus on self defense. With 39% of Ugandan women experiencing some form of sexual violence in their lifetime, Apenyo hopes her classes will encourage women to be proactive about their safety. She states, “Women now have a space where they can support one another on their journeys to not just fitness but wellness as well.”

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