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Wonder Women: Mary Phelps Jacob

Necessity, ever the mother of invention struck Mary Phelps Jacob in 1910 when she just couldn't take cramming her chest into another constrictive corset to the ball anymore. With two handkerchiefs, pink ribbon, and sewing skills the first bra was born. 

Her contemporaries all vied to get their hands on this new invention, much softer and free, separating and supporting each breast unlike the 'monobosom' effect of the corset. The bra complemented emerging fashions of the time showing off necklines and cleavage. In 1914, Jacob received the first patent for the 'Backless Brasserie'.

What we would now call the style of a bralette, blossomed into a her own business registered under female ownership and employed two female sewists. 

By now Mary Phelps Jacob had married several times and was known as Caresse Crosby. Circling amongst wealthy socialites, she continued her colorful and sometimes scandalous history within the literary world. Later running a publishing house, writing and editing many poems herself, and founding the pro-women, pro-peace organization, Women Against War. 

We have her to thank for freeing the boob and founding the industry through which Naja hopes to empower you!

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