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Wonder Women: Tasya van Ree

Raised in Hawaii and based in Los Angeles, Tasya van Ree is an artist and photographer who shares the same relaxed style and attitude as her past and current homes. She exudes a quiet confidence that is reflected in her art and photography. Her photos are equal parts romantic and dark, intimate and distant. She has exhibited solo and in group shows, along side David Lynch, Jessica Lange, Gus van Sant, and Amy Arbus.

Most notable for her black and white celebrity portraiture, she captured media attention when her main muse, actress Amber Heard, became her lover. The two made a notable statement at the GLAAD Foundation’s 25th Anniversary dinner when they arrived together. Although no longer together, they created a space (in Hollywood and beyond), for a new type of female power couple – one that would be traditionally reserved for a male artist and muse. The two have collaborated on many short film projects, including several for gay rights and marriage equality. They were both active participants in the Vote No on Prop 8 rallies in California, and remain friends to this day.

You can see more of Tasya and her photography on Instagram @TasyavanRee.

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