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Jasmine Halter Top & String Bikini Navy Swim Set


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Top: Jasmine is a Halter top with a wide chest band which gives this top a little more support than most halters. Navy blue with a touch of beaded print gives this bikini top a little dash of color. The fit of this top comfortably fits an S or an M.

Lucy String Bikini Bottom: Our string bikini has a medium coverage bum with ruching for added definition. Strings are adjustable to fit almost any size of bum.

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The gusset of my pretty @naja undies says "My darling, you are beautiful in every way" for a little reminder, right there where I am my most womanly. Love love love that. Hurray for Lingerie!


I just bought panties from Naja and I love them. Their material is recycled. They are about empowerment and making those products available to YOU


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