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Style: Quinn

Introducing the Quinn Short! They'll make you run faster, jump higher... okay just kidding! But with the highest quality moister-wicking fabric and a social mission to reduce water waste behind the digital prints, we think Quinn's still pretty powerful.

  • Zipper pocket back
  • Thick tummy tuck band
  • Fitted stretch performance moister-wicking material
  • Digitally printed triangle design

Did you know that the apparel industry is responsible for 20% of industrial water pollution? The environment matters to us as much as it matters to you. That's why our prints are digitally printed and not dyed, saving precious water and ensuring that no waste water goes back into our oceans.

Details: 80% Polyester - 20% Elastane

quinn-short-borneo-recommended quinn-short-borneo-recommended

Looks Great With


The gusset of my pretty @naja undies says "My darling, you are beautiful in every way" for a little reminder, right there where I am my most womanly. Love love love that. Hurray for Lingerie!


I just bought panties from Naja and I love them. Their material is recycled. They are about empowerment and making those products available to YOU


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