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SAGITTARIUS - Adventurous Streak - Tropical Jungle Cheeky Knicker  |  CAPRICORN - Determine Darling - Chloe Bra Courtesan Black  |  AQUARIUS - Take Flight - Landing Strip Cheeky Knicker  |  PISCES - Charming & Intuitive - Adriana Bralette Cornflower Blue  |  ARIES - Bright & Bold - Charlotte Bra Kaleidoscope  |  TAURUS - Truly Feminine - Anais Bra Royal Hound  |  GEMINI - Two-toned - Isabel Bra Monarchy  |  CANCER - Sweet Support - Olivia Bra Talavera Bra  |  LEO - Confident Leader - Very Bossy Cheeky Knicker  |  VIRGO - Perfectly Reliable - Helena Push-Up Bra Nude | LIBRA - Fairly Romantic - Holly Bra Orchid  |  SCORPIO - Dark & Sexy - Ada Bra Black

Every Product You Buy Helps Another Woman

Naja products are made by single mothers and female heads of household. We pay above market wages, provide health benefits, and support child education with stipends.

Suit Her Star Style: The Zodiac Gift Guide

Suit Her Star Style: The Zodiac Gift Guide

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The gusset of my pretty @naja undies says "My darling, you are beautiful in every way" for a little reminder, right there where I am my most womanly. Love love love that. Hurray for Lingerie!


I just bought panties from Naja and I love them. Their material is recycled. They are about empowerment and making those products available to YOU.


Thank you! Use Code: NEW10-U9C47GGWG38PN for 10% off your first bra purchase!