She's the one, but which one? Is she...

Queen To Your King? Keep it classy with the Courtesan Collection
The Boss? Black bras and Very Bossy bottoms
Your Boho Babe? Adriana Marigold and Cheeky Knickers
Wifey Status? Wedding Night Whites 

Every Product You Buy Helps Another Woman

Naja products are made by single mothers or women heads of households. We pay above market wages, provide health benefits and child education stipends. With each bra you'll receive a lingerie wash bag hand-made in the homes of women in extreme poverty.

Who Do You Love? Our Picks For VDay Gifts!

Who Do You Love? Our Picks For VDay Gifts!

No products found in this collection.


The gusset of my pretty @naja undies says "My darling, you are beautiful in every way" for a little reminder, right there where I am my most womanly. Love love love that. Hurray for Lingerie!


I just bought panties from Naja and I love them. Their material is recycled. They are about empowerment and making those products available to YOU.


Added to bag!

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