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Cover up in style with our versatile pareo made of super soft mesh. Go from the beach to the restaurant with a few quick knots. A pareo is the Swiss Army Knife of your summer wardrobe.

The pareo cover up can be worn countless ways. With a few easy wraps and knots you can style a shawl, skirt, dress, over the shoulder dress, headwrap, scarf, shorts, and top.

Skirt: Wrap around the pareo to the hips make a loop and you are ready.

Dress: Wrap it around the back and place both ends in the center of the chest, twist, cross and slide the head, tie a bow around the neck it will appear like a halter dress.

Strapless: Tie the ends of the pareo behind your back you can also tie it to the front making a cute bow.

Asymmetrical Dress: Wrap it around the body and attach the ends over the left or right shoulder.

Shorts: Tie the two ends behind the back and pass to back between the legs. Then tie the ends on the front.

Top: hang the pareo on the neck, align the ends, and place on the chest. Set up the ends on the back and tie all four ends of the pair

Mesh: 92% Nylon, 8% Elastane
This pareo measures approximately 50 x 55 inches

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