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Naja is a product of our passions and beliefs:
a love for beautifully designed things, a bit of rebelliousness,
and a deep desire to make the world a better place.
Find out how we’re making a difference


Naja is changing the way women shop for lingerie as well as changing the industry as a whole through the company’s dedication to changing women’s lives.

We want to disrupt the way lingerie is marketed toward women by creating a brand that seeks to empower women instead of objectifying them. We did away with fake wind blowing into models’ hair and poses singularly aimed at the male gaze in order to connect with the smart, courageous, and sexy women of today.

Naja’s garment factory primarily employs single mothers or female heads of households where they are paid above market wages with healthcare benefits. We chose to aid single mothers, because many have to choose between working and caring for their children. At Naja, we’ve implemented flexible work policies that make it easier for women to balance work and childcare. Every child of a Naja garment worker receives books, school supplies, uniforms and all school meals paid by Naja.


Through our Underwear for Hope program, Naja employs women in the slums of Colombia to make lingerie bags that are offered with each Naja purchase. This program allows marginalized women, who would otherwise have difficulty finding employment opportunities, to work from home and become their own “micro-entrepreneurs”. Two percent of Naja’s revenue is also donated to local charities that provide continuing education to these women. With each purchase of Naja, you can feel good knowing that you are contributing in bettering a woman’s life.

Learn more about our Underwear For Hope program.


We believe in caring for our environment and in the preservation of a clean ecosystem for all of its living beings. As a result, we make every effort to reduce our environmental footprint. We use digital and sublimation printing technologies to print our garments because they are the most environmentally friendly processes for creating printed fabric. Billions of gallons of water are used each year to dye fabric for the garment industry. With digital printing, our water waste is next to none. We strive to include fabrics made from recycled plastic bottles in each of our collections and we are constantly in search of new fabrics and technologies that are good for the earth and good for you.


Naja’s on trend designs stand out in a market where everything looks the same. Our products are characterized by meticulous attention to detail and feature design elements previously reserved almost exclusively for luxury lingerie.

We know you appreciate the finer things. From our breathable memory foam cups, Peruvian cotton, and stylish and unexpected interior prints — we take pride in our artistry.

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